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About Us

Since our founding in 2018, the team at TSB has been dedicated to delivering exceptional audio and lighting services. We continuously strive to improve with each booking, ensuring that our clients receive unparalleled quality and service. We invite you to read about our journey and see how our passion for audio excellence has shaped our history and commitment to your satisfaction.

Our Mission is to deliver reliable, professional-grade audio and lighting services and equipment, coupled with exceptional customer service at every opportunity.

Our Story

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Dominic Baglione

Founder and Owner


Road cases before "TSB Productions" rebranding in 2021


Lighting production services for Drumming Bird in 2023

In seventh grade, Dominic Baglione attended a small school in suburban Ohio. When the music teacher needed someone to manage the audio for a second-grade musical performance, Dominic volunteered. Although the task was simple—connecting a music input to an amplifier and two speakers, and controlling the volume—he found it exhilarating. This initial experience sparked a passion for audio engineering, leading him to run sound for various events and functions at the elementary school.

Upon entering high school, which had a much larger student body, Dominic reached out to the performing arts director. He began working with the audio team for theater and choir performances and quickly became the primary student responsible for audio at these events. In just three years, he had advanced from managing music for two speakers to operating 25 microphones and several other inputs across six or more outputs. His love for mixing audio at live events continued to grow.


Noticing that the high school drama director rented speakers from a local audio company for each show, Dominic saw an opportunity. Using his paycheck from Wendy's, he purchased a pair of 15" PA speakers from Facebook Marketplace and began renting them to the high school for $150 per week each time there was a show. By the fall of 2018, after months of planning and research, Dominic officially established TSB Entertainment LLC.


Initially, TSB Entertainment offered both equipment rentals and entertainment services, including wedding and school dance DJ services. Following relocation to Tennessee and rebranding in 2021, the company was renamed Tennessee Sound & Broadcast LLC, doing business as TSB Productions LLC.

Today, TSB Productions provides professional-grade equipment rental, audio and lighting services for live events, and performance equipment customization.

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