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Equipment Rental

Step into the spotlight with our audio and lighting equipment rentals! Whether you're a university student gearing up for a backyard jam session or a corporate client planning a dynamic event, our extensive inventory has everything you need. From powerful speakers for outdoor performances to studio-grade microphones for pristine recordings, and dazzling lighting setups for live stages, we've got you covered. Let's step up your show!


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Our pro-grade equipment has been powering independent shows and presentations for more than five years! 

Thank you for trusting TSB! 


That is a lot of cables!

TSB Productions provided a full 16' x 24' stage, complete with a full lighting system including several wash lighting effects, 2 moving head spotlights, and 2 moving head laser projectors. Of course there was haze as well...


Outdoor Lighting

Wireless par lights make a big difference at outdoor shows in the evening. On-board wireless DMX capability and up to six hours of battery life gives you the peace of mind to play as late as you want!

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